Friday, August 13, 2010

"We ae spiritual beings on a human journey. All things are connected." - quote by Rick Hopper
"Our elders have created for us a sacred way of being in the universe. It is our responsibility to pass it down from one generation to another."
"We pray to the four directions where live our ancestors."
"All the colors of maize represent that we are all one people."
"Green represents the center of Earth, the giver of life."
"Fortitude is the human value associated with internal strength."
"Generosity is a combination of sharing and cooperation."
"The Creator gave us our purpose on Earth."
"The Creator is truth. Truth is represented by those things that never change."

"When we learn humility we learn to put ourselves where we belong in the universe."

"Only if we are honest with ourselves can we live in harmony with ourselves and nature."

"When you have courage, you have the courage to follow all the teachings."
"In order to love somebody, you have to love yourself."

"We need to have respect for all of creation."

"It is the drum beat of Mother Earth that beats in all of our hearts."